We know that costs matter. Just like consistent performance, every basis point counts in helping investors achieve their investment goals. That's why we're focused on offering the index products our clients and partners demand – at competitive prices. In keeping with Schwab's history of putting investors first, we are committed to operating our business through clients' eyes – sharing the benefits of our scale and efficiency with our investors whenever and wherever we can.

Low cost ETFs

We have been actively driving down the cost of ETFs – because we know cost is an important factor for ETF investors. In fact, more than 85% of the Schwab market cap index ETFs have expenses lower than 0.10%, with an asset-weighted average expense ratio of just 0.06%. As one of the largest and fastest growing ETF families in the marketplace, we are able to offer the broad market access and diverse options that clients seek – with some of the lowest expenses in the industry.

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Low cost target date index funds

We understand the impact that expenses can have on investors' retirement savings. To keep our expenses low, we construct our Schwab Target Index Funds with ETFs, providing low cost, efficient access to each asset class. This enables us to offer the lowest-cost target date mutual funds on the market, for employer-sponsored retirement plans.

  • Employer sponsored access: Institutional Shares with expense ratio of just 0.08% and no minimum initial investment*

  • Individual investor access: Investor Shares with expense ratio of 0.13% for just $100 minimum initial investment

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Lending for the benefit of shareholders

Our investor-first philosophy also drives our approach to securities lending. We do not seek to profit from securities lending as a means to justify lower pricing. For the funds that participate in securities lending, we use third party lending agents and 100% of securities lending revenue (net of program costs and expenses) is returned to the funds for the benefit of shareholders, which may enhance fund performance.

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