Charles Schwab Investment Management

Charles Schwab Investment Management offers a diverse selection of foundational products that aim to deliver consistent performance. We take a straightforward approach, providing transparent, competitively priced products and strategies to help meet your portfolio needs.

A comprehensive range of investment products

  • Market Cap Index

    For over 25 years, we've been a provider of index investments—offering investors a broad range of low cost ETFs and passive and index mutual funds.

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  • Fundamental Index™

    A pioneer in Fundamental Index strategies, we provide investors 12 ETFs and mutual funds that offer a complement to traditional market-cap-weighted index and actively managed strategies.

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  • Target Date / Multi-Asset

    With a history of innovative target date fund management, we offer a range of competitively priced product solutions for individuals and employer-sponsored retirement plans.

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  • Fixed Income

    We offer a range of fixed income products that can serve as part of the foundation of a diversified portfolio, including fixed income mutual funds, ETFs and money funds.

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  • Active Equity

    We offer investors access to two distinct active equity investment approaches: Schwab Active Equity Funds, and Laudus Funds, which are sub-advised by leading institutional asset managers.

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  • Money Market Funds

    As one of the country's largest money market fund managers, we offer a full complement of money funds in the government, prime and municipal sectors.

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Featured Funds

  • Market Cap Index


    Schwab U.S. Dividend
    Equity ETF™

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  • Target Date


    Schwab Target
    2040 Fund

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  • Active Equity


    Schwab Small-Cap
    Equity Fund™

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  • Fundamental Index


    Schwab Fundamental
    US Large Company
    Index Fund

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Over 25 years of investment management leadership1
  • $290B+ in assets under
  • 3rd largest provider
    of index mutual funds
  • 5th largest provider
    of ETFs

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