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A pioneer in Fundamental Index strategies, Charles Schwab Investment Management offers 12 ETFs and mutual funds to help you gain access to an innovative indexing approach that offers a complement to traditional market cap weighted index and actively managed strategies.

An alternative approach to index investing

Unlike traditional index strategies that typically weight companies based on market capitalization, such as the S&P 500 Index, Fundamental Index strategies use objective financial measures based on company size.

How to use strategic beta strategies

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A strategic beta strategy for portfolio diversification

Fundamental Index strategies can serve as a complement to traditional market cap weighted index and actively managed strategies—providing investors the potential for more attractive risk-adjusted returns across various market cycles.

Choosing the right smart beta strategy

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A leader in the Fundamental Index approach

  • 1st to launch Fundamental
    Index mutual funds
  • 9+ years of Fundamental Index experience
  • 12 Fundamental Index ETFs and mutual funds

Take advantage of the benefits of
Fundamental Index strategies

  • Portfolio

    a complement to traditional market cap weighted index and active strategies

  • Cost

    generally lower fees and low turnover when compared with actively managed funds

  • Passive, disciplined methodology

    a transparent, consistent rules-based approach

Featured Funds

  • Fundamental Index


    Schwab Fundamental
    US Large Company
    Index Fund

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  • Fundamental Index


    Schwab Fundamental
    U.S. Broad Market
    Index ETF

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  • Fundamental Index


    Schwab Fundamental Emerging Markets Large Company Index ETF

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  • Fundamental Index


    Schwab Fundamental Global Real Estate Index Fund

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