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Charles Schwab Investment Management has been an industry provider of index investments for over 25 years. We offer investors a broad range of low cost ETFs and passive and index mutual funds that can serve as part of the foundation of a diversified portfolio.

Schwab ETF expenses are among the lowest you will find

Schwab ETFs have amongst the lowest expenses in the industry.

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A broad range of ETFs and mutual funds for a diversified portfolio

With more than 20 low cost market cap ETFs and mutual funds, we offer investment solutions across all major asset classes.

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One of the nation's leading providers of ETFs and mutual funds

As the third largest provider of index mutual funds1, and the fifth largest provider of ETFs2, we provide a comprehensive range of competitively priced choices.

Featured Funds

  • Market Cap Index


    Schwab U.S. Broad
    Market ETF™

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  • Market Cap Index


    Schwab International
    Equity ETF™

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  • Market Cap Index


    Schwab U.S. Aggregate
    Bond ETF™

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  • Market Cap Index


    Schwab U.S. Dividend
    Equity ETF™

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